• Minireview  31 March 2017

    Functional Enhancers As Master Regulators of Tissue-Specific Gene Regulation and Cancer Development

    Tissue-specific transcription is critical for normal development, and abnormalities causing undesirable gene expression may lead to diseases such as cancer. Such highly organized transcription is controlled by enhancers with specific DNA sequences recognized by transcription factors. Enhancers are associated with chromatin modifications that are distinct epigenetic features in a tissue-specific manner. Recently, super-enhancers comprising enhancer clusters co-occupied by lineage-specific fact ...

  • Article  31 March 2017

    A Role of Central NELL2 in the Regulation of Feeding Behavior in Rats

    A brain-enriched secreting signal peptide, NELL2, has been suggested to play multiple roles in the development, survival, and activity of neurons in mammal. We investigated here a possible involvement of central NELL2 in regulating feeding behavior and metabolism. In situ hybridization and an im-munohistochemical approach were used to determine expression of NELL2 as well as its colocalization with proopiomelanocortin (POMC) and neuropeptide Y (NPY) in the rat hypothalamus. T ...

  • Minireview  31 March 2017

    Signaling Pathways Controlling Microglia Chemotaxis

    Microglia are the primary resident immune cells of the central nervous system (CNS). They are the first line of defense of the brain’s innate immune response against infection, injury, and diseases. Microglia respond to extracellular signals and engulf unwanted neuronal debris by phagocytosis, thereby maintaining normal cellular homeostasis in the CNS. Pathological stimuli such as neuronal injury induce transformation and activation of resting microglia with ramified morphology into a motil ...

  • Article  31 March 2017

    Arabidopsis MAP3K16 and Other Salt-Inducible MAP3Ks Regulate ABA Response Redundantly

    In the Arabidopsis genome, approximately 80 MAP3Ks (mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinases) have been identified. However, only a few of them have been characterized, and the functions of most MAP3Ks are largely unknown. In this paper, we report the function of MAP3K16 and several other MAP3Ks, MAP3K14/15/17/18, whose expression is salt-inducible. We prepared MAP3K16 overexpression (OX) lines and analyzed their phenotypes. The result showed that the transgenic plants ...

Mol. Cells 2017; 40(5): 315~378
The Expanding Significance of Inositol Polyphosphate Multikinase as a Signaling Hub
Eunha Kim, Hyoungjoon Ahn, Min Gyu Kim, Haein Lee, and Seyun Kim
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(5): 315-321  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0066 PDF PubMed PubMed Central PubReader Google Scholar Search
DDX53 Regulates Cancer Stem Cell-Like Properties by Binding to SOX-2
Youngmi Kim, Minjeong Yeon, and Dooil Jeoung
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(5): 322-330  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0001 PDF PubMed PubMed Central PubReader Google Scholar Search
Involvement of a Gr2a-Expressing Drosophila Pharyngeal Gustatory Receptor Neuron in Regulation of Aversion to High-Salt Foods
Haein Kim, Yong Taek Jeong, Min Sung Choi, Jaekyun Choi, Seok Jun Moon, and Jae Young Kwon
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(5): 331-338  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0028 PDF PubMed PubMed Central PubReader Google Scholar Search
Stability of Retroviral Vectors Against Ultracentrifugation Is Determined by the Viral Internal Core and Envelope Proteins Used for Pseudotyping
Soo-hyun Kim, and Kwang-il Lim
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(5): 339-345  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0043 PDF PubMed PubMed Central PubReader Google Scholar Search
Methylation Levels of LINE-1 As a Useful Marker for Venous Invasion in Both FFPE and Frozen Tumor Tissues of Gastric Cancer
Jimin Min, Boram Choi, Tae-Su Han, Hyuk-Joon Lee, Seong-Ho Kong, Yun-Suhk Suh, Tae-Han Kim, Hwi-Nyeong Choe, Woo Ho Kim, Keun Hur, and Han-Kwang Yang
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(5): 346-354  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0013 PDF PubMed PubMed Central PubReader Supplementary File(s) Google Scholar Search
Characterization of αX I-Domain Binding to Receptors for Advanced Glycation End Products (RAGE)
Dolgorsuren Buyannemekh, and Sang-Uk Nham
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(5): 355-362  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0021 PDF PubMed PubMed Central PubReader Google Scholar Search
L1 Cell Adhesion Molecule Promotes Migration and Invasion via JNK Activation in Extrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma Cells with Activating KRAS Mutation
Haejung Kim, Haein Hwang, Hansoo Lee, and Hyo Jeong Hong
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(5): 363-370  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.2282 PDF PubMed PubMed Central PubReader Supplementary File(s) Google Scholar Search
Up-Regulation of RANK Expression via ERK1/2 by Insulin Contributes to the Enhancement of Osteoclast Differentiation
Ju Hee Oh, and Na Kyung Lee
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(5): 371-377  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0025 PDF PubMed PubMed Central PubReader Google Scholar Search
Erratum to: Transforming Growth Factor b1/Smad4 Signaling Affects Osteoclast Differentiation via Regulation of miR-155 Expression
Hongying Zhao, Jun Zhang, Haiyu Shao, Jianwen Liu, Mengran Jin, Jinping Chen, and Yazeng Huang
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(5): 378-378  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.1303 PDF PubMed PubMed Central PubReader Google Scholar Search
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Current Issue

31 May 2017
Volume 40,
Number 5,
pp. 315~378
dRAGging Amino Acid-mTORC1 Signaling by SH3BP4
Young-Mi Kim, and Do-Hyung Kim*
Received September 19, 2012; Accepted December 4, 2012.
Olfactory Carbon Dioxide Detection by Insects and Other Animals
Walton Jones
Received January 30, 2013; Accepted February 2, 2013.
Broad Activity against Porcine Bacterial Pathogens Displayed by Two Insect Antimicrobial Peptides Moricin and Cecropin B
Han Hu, Chunmei Wang, Xiaozhen Guo, Wentao Li, Yang Wang, and Qigai He
Received May 4, 2012; Accepted November 20, 2012.
A MAP Kinase Pathway Is Implicated in the Pseudohyphal Induction by Hydrogen Peroxide in Candica albicans
Kavitha Srinivasa, Jihyun Kim, Subog Yee, Wankee Kim*, and Wonja Choi*
Activation of Rice nicotianamine synthase 2 (OsNAS2) Enhances Iron Availability for Biofortification
Sichul Lee, You-Sun Kim, Un Sil Jeon, Yoon-Keun Kim, Jan K. Schjoerring, and Gynheung An*
Rhythmic Oscillation of Histone Acetylation and Methylation at the Arabidopsis Central Clock Loci
Hae-Ryong Song, and Yoo-Sun Noh*

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