Mol. Cells 2017; 40(12): 976~985
Iron Homeostasis Controls Myeloid Blood Cell Differentiation in Drosophila
Sunggyu Yoon1, Bumsik Cho1, Mingyu Shin1, Ferdinand Koranteng1, Nuri Cha1, and Jiwon Shim1,2,3,*
1Department of Life Sciences, College of Natural Science, Hanyang University, Seoul 04763, Korea, 2Research Institute for Convergence
of Basic Sciences, Hanyang University, Seoul 04763, Korea, 3Research Institute for Natural Science, Hanyang University,
Seoul 04763, Korea
Received November 6, 2017; Accepted December 12, 2017.; Published online December 14, 2017.
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Iron is an essential divalent ion for aerobic life. Life has evolved to maintain iron homeostasis for normal cellular and physiological functions and therefore imbalances in iron levels exert a wide range of consequences. Responses to iron dysregulation in blood development, however, remain elusive. Here, we found that iron homeostasis is critical for differentiation of Drosophila blood cells in the larval hematopoietic organ, called the lymph gland. Supplementation of an iron chelator, bathophenanthroline disulfate (BPS) results in an excessive differentiation of the crystal cell in the lymph gland. This phenotype is recapitulated by loss of Fer1HCH in the intestine, indicating that reduced levels of systemic iron enhances crystal cell differentiation. Detailed analysis of Fer1HCH-tagged-GFP revealed that Fer1HCH is also expressed in the hematopoietic systems. Lastly, blocking Fer1HCH expression in the mature blood cells showed marked increase in the blood differentiation of both crystal cells and plasmatocytes. Thus, our work suggests a relevance of systemic and local iron homeostasis in blood differentiation, prompting further investigation of molecular mechanisms underlying iron regulation and cell fate determination in the hematopoietic system.
Keywords: blood, BPS, crystal cell, Drosophila, ferritin, Fer1HCH, FAC, hemocyte, intestine, iron, lymph gland, plasmatocyte

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31 December 2017 Volume 40,
Number 12, pp. 889~985

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