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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. A summary of locomotion and body posture phenotypes. Every square in this heat map indicates the q-value of the comparison of each behavioral feature (in columns) of each strain (in rows) to that of N2. It is color-coded in such a way that the color red indicates that N2 has a higher value than the mutant, while the color blue shows that N2 has a lower value than the mutant. The color becomes darker as the q-value decreases, which means that the difference is more significant. The color black indicates that the number of data was not sufficient to calculate a q-value (unc-104 mutants had severe defects in locomotion, so they did not roam for 10 s). For the overlapping index η, see Supplementary Fig. S2. Avg., average; Std, standard deviation; Max., maximum; Lat., lateral; Acc., acceleration; Long., longitudinal.
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