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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. (A) Sulfates in the A:B chain dimer. A sulfate ion (Sul1) is bound to Arg220 and Arg269 of chain B. The other sulfate ion (Sul2) interacts with Arg134 of chain A (purple) and Arg135 of chain B (green; bottom panel). (B) Sulfates in the C:D chain dimer. Two sulfate ions (Sul3 and Sul4) are bound. Red squares, sulfates bound to arginine residues; the main residues involved are marked. Purple ovals, two fold enlargements of detail. (C) Oxidized (active) OxyR RD from E. coli (PDB code, 1I6A; blue) superimposed on the MexT RD (green). (D) Reduced (inactive) OxyR RD from E. coli (PDB code, 1A69; orange) superimposed on the MexT RD (green).
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