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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. RIN4 negatively regulates PTI response upon PAMP recognition (orange). RIN4 strongly binds to the C-terminal inhibitory region of H+-ATPase and activates H+-ATPase to control stomatal immunity (orange). The effector proteins AvrB and AvrRpm1 induce RIN4 phosphorylation and activate RPM1, if present (green). Another effector, AvrRpt2, degrades RIN4 and activates RPS2, if present (blue). RIN4 degradation also interfere with RPM1 accumulation and function. Expression of the effector protein HopF2 halts AvrRpt2-mediated RIN4 degradation (black). AvrPto and AvrPtoB also degrade RIN4 (purple).
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