Molecules and Cells

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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. (A) Construct for IRES dynamics (tGFP-NP-IRES-mCh-NP). (B) Construct for 2A dynamics (tGFP-NP-2A-mCh-NP). (C–H) Representative fluorescent images of tGFP-NP-IRES-mCh-NP (C–E) and tGFP-NP-2A-mCh-NP (F–H) expressed in HEK293 cells. (I and J) Scatter plot of normalized (Norm.) tGFP and mCherry intensity connected by IRES (I) or 2A (J). Dashed blue line: linear regression line. NLS, nuclear localization sequence; PEST, destabilizing motif; CMV, CMV promoter; tGFP, turboGFP; ARE, AU-rich element.
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