Molecules and Cells

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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. (A) GO analysis of up- or downregulated ‘AC-specific’, ‘SC-specific’, and ‘common’ DEGs, as described in the main text. Red and blue represent GO functional terms for up- and downregulated genes, respectively. The top five GO terms selected based on the -log10(p-value) are depicted in bar graphs and are presented on the right side of the bars. (B) A functional interaction network was created with the Reactome FI plugin of the Cytoscape tool (see the Methods). Each gene in each circle is linked by functional interaction; red outlines: upregulated, blue outlines: downregulated, black symbols inside blank balls: common DEGs, yellow symbols inside gray balls: AC-specific DEGs, white symbols inside black balls: SC-specific DEGs. The larger sized circle indicates known COPD-associated genes.
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