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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. DR5::GUS and DR5::GFP markers examined in 4-d-old etiolated WT and mine roots in the absence or presence of IAA (100 nM) or ACC (10 μM). The mine roots specifically display attenuated expression of both DR5::GUS and DR5::GFP compared with WT roots in the presence of ACC. Scale bars = 50 μm. mine to respond to growth inhibition under ACC treatment. Next, we crossed mine with the wei8/taa1 mutant, which is defective in an auxin biosynthesis gene encoding a PLP-dependent tryptophan aminotransferase (). Unlike in mine sur2, the root growth response of mine wei8 double mutants was marginally but significantly more insensitive to ACC than mine and wei8/taa1 single
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