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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. (A) Three T3lines showed the early flowering phenotype in the field. Wild type Ilmi showed heading around Aug. 17th in the irrigated field, and the transgenic plants showed 7–10-d earlier flowering compared with Ilmi. (B) Normal distribution of heading dates of transgenic and wild type plants. (C) Mature leaves were collected at day 40, 33, 25 (Δ40, Δ33, Δ25; respectively) prior to the heading date. The 1 cm (P1cm, Δ19) and 8 cm (P8cm, Δ12)-long panicles were also included. The transgenic line 8-4-1 was used as a representative (OsWOX13-ov). (D) The expression level of flowering-related genes by qPCR with tubulin as the expression standard.
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