Molecules and Cells

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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. (A, B) RAW 264.7 cells were preincubated with gAd (5 μg/ml) for 4 h or 24 h, and then, washed several times with fresh medium. The cells were stimulated with gAd (5 μg/ml), LPS (1 μg/ml), and CpG-ODN (1 μM) for the indicated times. Total cellular extracts were subjected to Western blot analysis for p-IκBα, IκBα, and actin. (C) After preincubation with gAd for 24 h, RAW 264.7 cells were washed, and then stimulated with gAd, LPS and CpG-ODN for 20 h. TNF-α and IL-6 concentrations in the culture supernatant were measured by multiplex bead assay. Data represent the mean ± SD of triplicates. **P < 0.05 Results are representative of three separate experiments.
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