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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. (A, B) RNF168-targeted siRNA and siRNA-resistant constructs were transfected into HR- or NHEJ- reporter cell lines with I-SceI as indicated. After 72 h, GFP-positive cells were counted by FACS analysis. (C, D) The genomic stability regulated by RNF168 mediated PARP1’s degradation was monitored by neutral comet assay in the same experimental condition as outlined above. The intensity of head, and length of tail were analyzed by Open-Comet V1.3 software. Data was achieved from at least 100 cells per sample. (E) Clonogenic analysis. RNF168 WT, ED or KK/AA mutant was transfected into U2OS cells depleted endogenous RNF168 and then colony forming assay was performed as indicated. (F) Summary figure of all observed results. Data represent mean ± s.d., from three independent experiments; *P < 0.05. n.s., not significant.
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