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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. (A) On the left side, various types of alternative splicing (AS) events are schematically shown. Exons and introns are represented as blocks and dotted lines respectively. On the right side, the counts of AS events associated with U2AF1 S34F expression or KD are tabluated (FDR < 0.01). (B) On the left side, exon exclusion and inclusion are shown schematically for SE and A3SS. Wild type splicing is indicated by black lines above the genes and AS induced by mutant expression or KD are shown in red below. Tabluation shows that most AS events induced by mutant expression or KD are in fact exon exclusion. (C) The sequences near the 3′ splicing site are shown. Note that nucleotide preference at the −3 position is changed from T to C/A upon mutant expression. Sequence logos are obtained using WebLogo ().
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