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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. (A) Sequence alignment of the hTERT BH3-like motif with other BH3 domains of BCL-2 family proteins. Schematic representation of hTERT domains presented at the top. The BH3-like motif is localized in the TEN domain. Conserved hydrophobic residues are marked by asterisks. Characteristics of the amino acids are highlighted in different colors. Red, hydrophobic residues; green, small residues; blue, acidic residues; magenta, basic residues. The putative BH3 sequence is Φ1-Sm-X-X-Φ2(L)-K/R-R-Φ3-G-D-D/E-Φ4-X-X-X-Φ5. Φ, hydrophobic residues; Sm, small residues; X, random amino acids. (B) Sequence homology and phylogenetic analysis from Saccharomyces cerevisiae to humans. (C) Helical wheel plots of the putative BH3 sequence between BIM and hTERT. Hydrophobic and charged residues are indicated by blue and red, respectively. A cluster of hydrophobic residues are depicted by the yellow line.
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